Serving and supplying many industrial sectors of the Middle East market

MPI offers full design supply and installation for water and waste water pumping and desalination stations, using the latest technologies available.

Through partnering with LMF and Siemens, MPI has been able to offer bespoke custom made direct coupled gas compressors for oil refining plants, in addition a wide range of specialised systems like flow meters, drives, and control systems.

MPI has provided consulting, supervision and inspection of equipment pre-shipment and installation post-shipment to ensure quickest deployment times and problem free implementation.

Maintenance and service. With agencies and sole partnerships with these leading companies in this sector Claudius Peters, Aumund, Five Pillard, Flaktwoods, Semperstrans (SFBT), Rouleaux-Pack, Cabbon Lorrain, HGH, Siemens.

Our work ethic and added value provided to our customers has been recognised by one of our top partners and whose products consistently meet with high satisfaction from our customers.

MPI is the proud recipient of the Siemens Preferred Partner and the Siemens Fastest Growing Partner For 2013 awards.

The Way We Work

We believe, that being close to our customers and being responsive to their requirements is key to providing good service, that is why we maintain regional sales and service offices, and trained engineers available to respond when required.

The other side of the equation, is to have a tight relationship with our European suppliers, making sure our customers receive the most up to date products and technologies appropriate for their needs while being cost effective. This also ensures our Engineers, and if required, our customers receive training in the latest technologies.