Howden has grown and evolved into a global leader in manufacturing air and gas handling solutions. With the power of our engineering expertise and technology, our equipment plays an integral role within our customers’ processes, which provide safe and reliable solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

We offer the following products from Howden:


  • Axial Fans
  • Cooling Fans
  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Turbo Fans


  • Air Preheater
  • Gas Gas Heater
  • Pre-Engineered Air
  • Pre-Heaters & Gas Heaters


  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Diaphragm Compressors
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Twin Screw Compressors


  • RootsTM
  • EasyAirTM Turbo
  • SG series
  • KA series
  • EGR series
  • ExVelTM Turbo Fans

Steam Turbines / Dampfturbine

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