Fives FCB are experts in building and commissioning of cement plants. With its own vast resources (five manufacturing plants, important design offices, three research and test centers) or with the assistance of specialized concerns, FCB is responsible for turnkey projects. It exports design philosophy and know-how, disseminating impressive achievements all over the world. FCB’s large number of trade connections abroad facilitate its task as an exporting company.

We offer the following products from Fives FCB:


  • FCB Rhodax® 4D
  • FCB Horomill®
  • FCB B-miil
  • FCB E-mill
  • FCB TSV™ Classifier
  • FCB Flash dryer
  • FCB FLAG™ station


  • FCB Preheater
  • FCB Zero-NOx Preca
  • FCB Preca-Max
  • FCB Klin
  • FCB By-pass system


  • FCB Rhodax® 4D
  • FCB VIF™ crusher

Control & Optimization

  • COSMA™
  • FCB Opti-Bmill™
  • FCB Opti-Kiln™
  • FCB Opti-RMX™

Gas Treatment

  • TGT® Filter
  • Sonair™ Filter All-Dry Injection System
  • EAD™ Dry Scrubbing System
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