Fives Pillard has specialized on firing systems for the cement, lime and gypsum industry, as well as energy technique and environment protection for more than 50 years. Given a high equity ratio, FP is a well financed and reliable mid-size company able to guarantee completion of long-term contracts. We construe completion as cooperation based on trust, working with our customers as partners on a continuous basis, strictly following our internal quality management guidelines.

We offer the following products from Fives FCB:

Burners For HRSG Application

  • Pillard InductFlam L
  • Pillard InductFlam Ci


  • Pillard Control System
  • Pillard Fuel Handling System
  • Pillard HeatGen
  • Pillard Neutrinox™
  • Pillard NovaFlam®
  • Pillard PrecaFlam™
  • Pillard RotaFlam®

Burners For Water Ttube Boilers

  • Pillard gas burners
  • Pillard oil burners
  • Pillard dual fuel burners
  • Pillard GR PK
  • Pillard LeangasFlam
  • Pillard BioFlam

Burners for Ignition

  • Pillard PackLight
  • Pillard PowerPack

Burners for Rotary Kiln & Precalcinaters

  • Pillard RotaFlam
  • Pillard NovaFlam
  • Pillar PrecaFlam

Burners For Fire Tube Boilers

  • Pillard LoNOxFlam G3
  • Pillard NANOxFlam
  • Pillard NANOxFlam Compact

Burners For Heaters

Combustion accessories

Control & Instruments

Combustion Chamber

Fuel Handling System

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