MPI© provide process development & solutions for all industries. No matter whether it is building a fully automated machine, automating or developing a complete process, or improving existing process, we understands & designs the solutions to effectively meet the business objectives of the customer.

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MPI© Rehabilitation is involved with the design, development and application of rehabilitative and assistive technology to assist our customers. The typical rehabilitation involved as a team member addressing problems related to you engineering needs

Installation & Commissioning

MPI© Installation & commissioning are the first key steps to ensure that the equipment will deliver the best possible performance. At MPI© we keep the international quality & safety standards which our principle supplier follow while preforming any procedures.

Rustomiya Sewerage – Baghdad, Iraq

The specific challenge of this project was to replace old equipment that they had since 2004 with new ones. Rustomiya Sewerage had three sites that had 38 old units (Including agitato gearboxes and motors) to be replaced while maintaining business logic. All of this had to be done with the budget of the customer. On the way inside Rustomiya Sewerage, our engineers immediately identified the problems of the old 38 units. Afterwards, we had meetings with the customers, and we gave them a report on the main issues they had after a long intensive evaluation phase.

Silo Um Qaser – Basra, Iraq

Installation of one MV Motor with existing coupling and load, the existing foundation was for the old motor with a bigger frame size than the new motor. Before replacing the old motor we ran four electrical tests on the new motor before and after installation. Our customer was satisfied with the work and expressed an eagerness for future collaboration. Quality control is a major component of total quality management in MPI©.

CNBM International Eng. Co., Ltd. – Al Muthanna, Iraq

After years of rapid growth, the process infrastructure of CNBM had reached a critical point. One of the assets (Carrier Welding) had many cracks on its surface. The misalignments and the lack of oil caused high vibrations, which led to cause the damages to the plant carrier. The main challenge was finding a way to fix the cracks while supporting the four columns and the cylinder. All weld was done by (4G) welder and under supervisions of authorized engineering inspectors.

Greenfield & Brownfield Projects

MPI© Green field Projects is at a high value for us. We are always connected with the projects, from identifying the site, to the development plan, auxiliary or adjuvent projects, support services, etc are all to be done from the scratch.

MPI© Brown Field Projects offers a preliminary development of the site, identification of the actual business to be carried out, project needs, feasibility studies and much more.

MPI© QR established so many projects with our partners such as Bodet & Intercall and much more. We equipped our customers with many products provided by our partners. Our projects includes hospitals, hotels and schools across the Middle East & North Africa. We produced solutions for our customers across the entire value chain, and helped our customers overcome the difficulties they faced in installations and communications. We respond quickly and act on feedback that we receive from our customers. We have a high empathy to understand the customer’s point of view make and we want our customers to feel valued.