LMF Oil & Gas Solutions

LMF - Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH Oil & Gas Solutions

As different as the applications can be in upstream, midstream and downstream refinery and petrochemical, LMF offers the best suitable solutions. Their fully integrated compressor packages are tailormade no matter what the requirement is.

🔴 Two standards available:
● API 618 Process Gas Compressors
● ISO 13631 (former API 11P) High-Speed Compressors

🔴 Modular design up to six cylinders per frame.
🔴 Fully balanced cylinder arrangements: horizontal, vertical and v-type.
🔴 Frame rating from 100 up to 6,000 kW.
🔴 With lubricated or non-lubricated cylinders and pressure packings, up to 1,000 bar.
🔴 Fully integrated solutions with in-house packaging.

🔵 LMF – Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH Solutions covers:
1- Upstream: ​​​​Acid Gas Injection, Gas Gathering, EOR.
2- Downstream Refinery, Petrochemical & Chemical: All Refinery Services, All Hydrogen Services, All Hydrocarbon Gases, All Technical Gases​​.
3- Midstream: LNG, BOG, Gas Storage, Pipeline Transmission.
4- Energy: Fuel Gas, Turbine Feeding.

Quanergy’s Flow Management™ Platform

Quanergy’s Flow Management™ Platform

 Quanergy’s Flow Management™ platform consists of a long-range 3D LiDAR series, the MQ-8 series, and a powerful perception software, QORTEX DTC™ (Detect, Track, Classify). Together, they are designed to solve a wide range of applications in retail, airports, public venues, commercial and government buildings, and industrial facilities.​

QORTEX DTC™ (Detect, Track, Classify), the brains of Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform enables reliable and real-time tracking of people and vehicles for security, smart space, and smart city applications.

Part of the Quanergy Flow Management™ Platform, the MQ-8™ Series, offers 3D 360˚ LiDAR sensors which meet the unique challenges of flow management applications. They provide accurate, high-volume people and vehicle tracking for the security, smart city, social distancing, and smart spaces industries.​ ​

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New Partnership With Hofmann

We are pleased to announce that our contract with Hofmann has been extended to include the Iraqi and Jordanian markets.

Today, the name of Hofmann stands for customized balancing technology. It is a combination of knowledge, experience, innovative power and tradition that represents Hofmann’s success.

As competence leader in measuring and balancing technology, Hofmann conduct research for the future, shape the market and convince with performance, inventiveness and sustainable concepts.

Fives Pillard Drytip™


Pillard Drytip™ is the ultimate solution for refractory lining drying process to extend the lifetime of concrete refractory and rotary kilns operations

Main advantages of the Pillard Drytip™:
✔️ Control the drying temperature
✔️ Guarantees fast, proper and effective drying of refractory castable
✔️ Efficient removal of moisture absorbed during rainy seasons
✔️ Dry-out of the burner’s castable can be carried out at anytime and often
✔️ Proper elimination of residual water within the refractory castable
✔️ Easy to use and install
Pillard Drytip™ fits with all rotary kilns including Pillard Rotaflam®, Pillard NovaFlam® and PrecaFlam™. Pillard Drytip™ prevents quick damage to the burner tips increasing the castable refractory’s lifetime. It avoids loss of castable refractory during kiln heat-up and maintains optimum burner performances. To ensure operator’s usability, it is easy to use anytime, anywhere.
For more information about Fives Pillard Products:

Quanergy Announces World’s First 2D 360° PoE LiDAR Sensor

Quanergy Announces World’s First 2D 360° PoE LiDAR Sensor

IoT sensor reduces cost, increases detection accuracy for physical security and industrial uses.

Quanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and smart 3D solutions, today announced the M1 Edge PoE LiDAR sensor, building on the company’s M1 Edge™ solution. This new IoT sensor expands Quanergy’s presence in the security Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) market, by providing higher detection accuracy at a lower price than competing LiDAR solutions. In addition, this sensor increases the number of industrial use cases that LiDAR can address.

Quanergy’s M1 Edge LiDAR sensors enable smart awareness for applications that require simple object detection and alerting capabilities. The M1 Edge PoE is ideal for any environment where threats can come from small objects or in hard-to-reach places. Such use cases include: 

☑️ Monitoring rooftops and indoor spaces for potential intruders.

☑️ Increasing data rack and cabinet security at data centers by detecting unauthorized access.

☑️ Creating a virtual fence around perimeter lines for commercial security applications to detect anomalous behavior and potentially dangerous objects being thrown over the fence.

☑️ Protection of critical infrastructure such as data centers, transportation hubs, oil and gas facilities, transformer substations and telecommunication facilities.

☑️ Perimeter Detection, Zone Protection and Anti Climb Prevention.

☑️ Detecting objects dropped by drones near prisons or other high security infrastructure facilities.

This new solution also expands Quanergy’s industrial use cases. The M1 Edge PoE can automate time-consuming and error-prone bin-picking applications and reduce accidents in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). It allows for Power over Ethernet (PoE), simplified wiring for a lower installation cost, up to 16 evaluation fields and a higher number (up to 128) of configurable detection zones per evaluation field. It also integrates with QORTEX Aware™ perception software, enabling customers to create detection zones to monitor and flag any anomalies back to the main system.

Gerald Becker, vice president of market development and alliances, Quanergy, said: “We’re enabling smarter awareness for applications requiring simple object detection and alerting capabilities. The new M1 Edge PoE features provide increased coverage and more flexibility – and enable us to deliver new security solutions such as security zone detection for perimeter protection, fence line detection, and rooftop surveillance applications.”

Tony Rigoni, director of industrial markets, Quanergy, said: “By increasing the number of detection zones per field from three to 128, we can enable many more applications – many of which were previously unsolvable. The M1 Edge PoE is easy and quick to set up, enabling customers to rapidly collect and make use of LiDAR data.”

Refratechnik : Kiln REFRA RIG II The complete installation system

Kiln REFRA RIG II The complete installation system

REFRA-Rig II provides a complete installation system satisfying every requirement in respect of long-life technology, and its extensive equipment meets every need. Available for inside diameters of lining of 1400 to 6100 mm in seven different types.

In the light of stringent requirements, particular attention was devoted during development to low overall weight and also low weights of the individual components, in order to ensure simple and rapid assembly. But in order to meet the rough working conditions, all the load bearing parts are made from galvanised steel and all the other parts from aluminium.

The mobile platform is made from square aluminium members which, despite their low weight, have high stability. Stable, lockable double runner wheels enable transport, both in the horizontal and in the vertical kiln direction. All other steel parts, for example the rail members, the railings or gratings of the floor covering, consist of hot galvanised steel. 

The actual lining arch consists of aluminium profiles, in which the supply lines for the pneumatic props are integrated so as to have optimal protection. The pressure gauge and pneumatic pump are also accommodated here. The pneumatic arch segments are made from high-strength aluminium profiles. 

The individual segments are accurately adjusted to the particular rotary kiln diameter by means of an adjusting screw. The hoses between the switches and the hydraulic cylinders have different coloured markings and can be connected very quickly by plug-in connections. All the pneumatic connections correspond to the latest state of the compressed air art

Advantages at a glance:

• Lightweight and yet very rugged construction

• Entire working area being illuminated uniformly by means of the supplied 24 volt halogen spotlights

• Bracing of the ring is effected by means of a hydraulic cylinder, which can also be operated manually, if necessary.

• Entire system being fed from a central power supply

• Simple assembly

• Reliable and efficient method of kiln lining

• Rugged in use – intelligent in every detail

Efficient drive systems – Go for sustainability

Efficient drive systems – Go for sustainability

Industry of the future is efficient, productive and sustainable. With our drive systems and digital services, your production environment will be a trailblazer – regarding both cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Everybody’s talking about sustainability. But how can you play a role?

With the Paris Agreement, 196 countries have agreed on climate goals that are both ambitious and important. This means that CO2 emissions will become expensive, making efficient operation that much more important. Electric motors consume 70% of the overall energy used in industry – therefore representing an enormous energy saving potential. You can optimize your processes and enter into a new dimension of efficiency with the latest electric motors and digital services.

Go for drive system optimization! The key to achieving higher drive efficiency is to optimize the overall system. Highly specialized motors, intelligent sensors and analytic tools allow you to optimally harmonize and coordinate your processes and motors. Further, with a Digital twin, you can optimize your maintenance and energy management – slashing your energy consumption by up to 60 percent.

With the Paris Agreement, 196 countries have agreed on climate goals that are both ambitious and important. This means that CO2 emissions will become expensive, making efficient operation that much more important. Electric motors consume 70% of the overall energy used in industry – therefore representing an enormous energy saving potential. You can optimize your processes and enter into a new dimension of efficiency with the latest electric motors and digital services.

Go for IE5! Invest in the future: Together with a converter, they not only help you reduce power consumption by up to 36 percent, but also ensure that you’ll always be on the safe – and sustainable – side in the future.

Go for IE5! Invest in the future: Together with a converter, they not only help you reduce power consumption by up to 36 percent, but also ensure that you’ll always be on the safe – and sustainable – side in the future.

Go for sustainability! Get more out of your drive system: Efficient motors and converters can only develop their full potential when used in conjunction with digitally optimized processes. Leverage our know-how and technology and slash your energy consumption and costs by up to 60 percent.

With a view to material economy, the trend is therefore clearly moving in the direction of optimized motor converter systems adapted to the application. These enable the use of more efficient motor technologies that are generally not capable of running on a pure sinusoidal network. Modern synchronous reluctance motors and permanently excited synchronous machines can therefore further push the efficiency limits for the motor itself, but also for the whole system. Against this background, it is to be expected that corresponding motor-converter systems will be considered in future regulatory provisions on energy efficiency and defined as mandatory.

In a comparison of the two motor technologies, the permanently excited synchronous machine has greater potential in terms of energy efficiency since it provides its excitation field without current via magnets. On the other hand, rare earths are required for its production, which can only be found in a few locations worldwide, are difficult to extract, and are correspondingly expensive. In this respect, the reluctance machine offers the advantage of a simple, robust rotor design that requires neither magnets nor a current-carrying winding or cage.


Disabled Alarm Solutions

🟡 Check out the ♿ Disabled Alarm Solutions From Intercall – the complete nurse call solution.

♿ Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm
The disabled persons toilet alarm has been designed to provide a reliable and easy to use method for calling for assistance. Recent guidelines require that all disabled toilet installations must have a fixed method of communication, and the Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm provides a compliant, cost effective solution.

⚫️ Stainless Steel Kit
Suitable for harsh environments the Stainless Steel disabled toilet kit offers an attractive and robust alternative to our standard plastic kit, a fully compliant BS8300:2009 emergency alarm kit.


👨🏼‍🏭 The Pillard CLEANTIP™ is especially designed to remove any sticky materials from the burner tip which could cause untimely kiln shutdown. 

🟣 The Pillard CLEANTIP™ consists of a metal scratcher equipped with compressed air injection. The cleaning tool is introduced into the burner in horizontal position via a jacket tube. Once the scratcher head is completely out of the burner, it is tensioned and maintained in a vertical position thanks to a rack and pinion winch mechanism. Then, it can be manually rotated in order destroy and eliminate all sticking and build-up at the burner tip.

Main advantages of The Pillard CLEANTIP™:
🟣 Long service lifespan.
🟣 Very robust and efficient assembly with rapid cleaning.
🟣 Cleaning operation will not require a burner shutdown.
🟣 Cleaning operation requires only one person.
🟣 Cleaning the tip can avoid a flame split and/or hot spot on the kiln shell.
🟣 A clean burner tip can avoid a poor burnout of fuel.
🟣 Increased burner tip lifespan.

Interested in The Pillard CLEANTIP™? Contact us with the campaign number: M22-02025

Kiln Process Optimizer

🏭 We present the “Kiln Process Optimizer” Maximize performance with the cutting edge of Advanced Process Control and Artificial Intelligence for the cement industry from Our Partner ES Processing.

🧱 The main idea behind the KPO system is to maintain clinker product as close as possible to the target quality and boost kiln operation to its optimum limits. KPO will help to determine optimum setpoints for Kiln operations, mainly the Kiln Feed, Kiln Fuels, Kiln Fan, Kiln Speed and Cooler Operation in order to establish a seamless operation while guaranteeing steady clinker quality and optimum operations. This revolutionary Kiln Process Optimizer enables Cement Industry to fully autopilot the Clinker Production Process to assure optimal manufacturing conditions and maximize the Process Performance.

🟠 ‘Soft sensors’ provide near-continuous quality prediction of C3S and Free- Lime every 30 seconds.
🟠 Auto adjusts process Manipulated Variables every 30 seconds based on sophisticated tailor-made algorithms & MPC.

✔️ Increased Output by 3-5%
✔️ Enhanced Clinker Quality
✔️ Enhanced Clinker Uniformity
✔️ Reduced Specific Thermal Energy
✔️ Reduced CO2 Emissions
✔️ Lower Environmental impact
✔️ Lower Energy Costs
✔️ Lower Maintenance Costs
✔️ Increased ROI and Profits

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